K – 12 Outreach

We are a group of faculty researchers and graduate students who volunteer to visit local grade schools to bring the excitement of scientific discovery into North Carolina classrooms. We have created demonstrations to capture the imagination of the students, their parents and their teachers. Our group visits student classrooms to present a hands-on based learning experience in the area of genetics and developmental biology. We typically visit fifth through ninth grade classrooms, but have even visited a preschool classroom of 4-year olds to teach about the plant life cycle and extracted DNA with third graders.

K-12 Science Education videos geared for fifth and ninth grader’s created by Dr. Franks’ GN434 students!! Teaching about genes, DNA, development, evolution and the relevance to human biology.

To learn more or to have GO NCSU volunteers visit your classroom, please contact Bob Franks email: rgfranks (at) ncsu.edu